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We are in cars so often, as drivers or passengers, that we forget how dangerous driving can be. A serious collision can be devastating, leaving those hurt in the collision disabled, unable to work, or with a lifetime of pain.

After a collision, you should only be worried about getting better and making sure that you continue to have the financial resources you need for yourself and your family. Unfortunately, the law in Ontario surrounding the benefits you are entitled to from your own insurance company, and how and when you can sue is very complicated. Even worse, the law in this area keeps changing every few years. You need experienced lawyers you can trust to help you navigate this system to maximize your medical and financial recovery.

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It is important to know your rights immediately after a collision. Whether it is your Statutory Accident Benefits (SAB’s) or pursuing a case in Tort, we provide you with thorough advice in relation to the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation, income loss, attendant care and even non-earner claims depending on the severity of the injury.

If you are not at-fault for the accident, you may also have other rights to claim damages from the at-fault individuals within two years of the day of the collision. Some special defendants need to be given notice of a collision within ten days! This can be a complex process with strenuous administrative demands. It is of the utmost importance that you have the right lawyers on your side to help you.

The team of D’Alessio Romero Law Firm is committed to representing your legal rights from start to finish, finding the treatment resources you need and fighting to get you the financial compensation you are owed. We work with you so that you can focus on your recovery and restoring your life to the way it was before the collision.

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